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29 September 2009 @ 09:05 pm
Michael Jackson & Army Wives Icons  
33 Michael Jackson Icons
(Thriller & Say Say Say)
6 Army Wives Banners




マリア: Michael♥secret_miakoda_ on September 30th, 2009 04:36 am (UTC)
Great icons! :D I love #13 that face is just priceless XD I'll take a few and will credit. Thank you. (^^)
Lindzlindz8403 on September 30th, 2009 04:38 am (UTC)
Thank you very very much!!! Pleased you like them!! Enjoy them! :)
Aliciaitakehisbishwop on September 30th, 2009 07:07 am (UTC)
aw, #17 is precious! ♥ i'm gonna grab a few others too. nice job, thanks a bunch! :D

and i'll credit ya of course!
Lindzlindz8403 on September 30th, 2009 07:45 am (UTC)
Thanks so much!! Enjoy the icons!! Yeah i have that poster on my wall! :) Love love his smile!!! <3
Alicia: MJsmileitakehisbishwop on September 30th, 2009 11:05 am (UTC)
that pic comes in poster size? i must have one! XD Michael's smile is one of the most beautiful things on the face of this planet. it always warms my heart and makes me happy. :D
Lindzlindz8403 on September 30th, 2009 04:07 pm (UTC)
thank you very much!! Yeah I got that poster from "Right On" magazine.. It is like hip hop magazine. I so agree with you!!! :)
hepburnette on September 30th, 2009 10:20 am (UTC)
i love #28, it's too adorable! ♥
Lindzlindz8403 on September 30th, 2009 04:10 pm (UTC)
thank you very much!! <3
Michellemy_belle_ on September 30th, 2009 04:57 pm (UTC)
awesome! I've been searching for some Thriller icons! Thanks! :) Saved several and will credit you. :)
Lindzlindz8403 on September 30th, 2009 05:00 pm (UTC)
you're welcome!! Thank you very much!! <3
th-ngoodx: Michael Jackson YAYth_ngoodx on September 30th, 2009 07:13 pm (UTC)
Oh lovely lovely lovely! <3
Awesome job. Amazing icons. Damn. You're good :D
Lindzlindz8403 on September 30th, 2009 08:37 pm (UTC)
thank you very much!! <3 Enjoy!!
marisumomo on September 30th, 2009 07:27 pm (UTC)
awww, 17 and 6 make me smile ^____^

Thanks for the beautiful icons!
Lindzlindz8403 on September 30th, 2009 08:38 pm (UTC)
You're very welcome and thanks for awesome comments! Enjoy them! Cheers!
Jessy: Michael Jackson | TWYMMF-Liveblanketofwishes on September 30th, 2009 10:31 pm (UTC)
Oh wow! I really love these a lot. Thank you very much for sharing! =)
Lindzlindz8403 on October 1st, 2009 12:36 am (UTC)
you're very welcome! thank you very much!!
Never say goodbye ♡ (*´∀`*)ノyuukoomeow on October 1st, 2009 12:17 am (UTC)
ouu yeshh 17 and 27 are priceless ♥
I probably take those but I will credit you :]
Lindzlindz8403 on October 1st, 2009 12:37 am (UTC)
Thank you very much!! Enjoy!! <3
meshael_mj on October 6th, 2009 03:06 pm (UTC)
wow awsome!
I LOVE them
Lindzlindz8403 on October 6th, 2009 04:41 pm (UTC)
thank you very much!! Enjoy the icons!! :)
piperhollyalway: denise salutingpiperhollyalway on October 7th, 2009 04:36 am (UTC)
Lindz these are great u know how much i <3 all your stuff. keep it up
Lindzlindz8403 on October 7th, 2009 04:41 am (UTC)
thank ya very much!! <3
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wgpunkrockerwgpunkrocker on January 18th, 2011 02:35 am (UTC)
OOO! I've been looking for some Thriller icons! Thanks.. ^_^